Coaching packages

Gold service

£90 p/m

Platinum service

£140 p/m

Executive service

£200 p/m

  Live An Active Healthy Lifestyle

Create the Experiences You Always Wanted

For triathletes to compete optimally they need to prepare optimally. Between swimming, running, biking, strength training, stretching, and brick workouts, there’s a lot that goes into a triathlon training plan. Helping our triathletes putting the basics in place is the foundation to great performances!

Triathlon Nutrition

Unfortunately, with so much time and energy invested into staying in peak shape as a multi-sport athlete, it can be easy to overlook nutrition and the important role it plays in achieving your goals as a triathlete.

Achieve Your Goals

Whatever your standard, ability, goal and time allowance we will have a coaching package for you, from beginner to advanced.