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 by Steve

I’ve known Alan for a number of years and having done a few marathons and riding my bike with the Lanark Triathlon Club I decided it was time I should really actually do a proper Triathlon race, the only problem with that was that I was effectively a survival swimmer. I entered Celtman 2022, Aberfeldy half and Craggy Island, figured I needed goals and targets. I came along to the Lanark tri club Friday night pool sessions and realised I was struggling to swim over 100m in one go at the same pace as the kids. I then did a couple of one to one sessions in the pool with Alan and have never looked back.

I’ve been coached by Alan for the last year in which time every aspect of my performance in each discipline has improved. I’ve achieved all my targets and goals, exceeding all my expectations in terms of swimming. I absolutely love open water swimming now and have swum 300km this year with 100 of that OW. I’m 53 now and wouldn’t have imagined that I could achieve what I have this year starting from where I was with my swimming. Alan worked around various injuries and ill health that beset me when preparing for Celtman, communication and feedback are always clear and to the point, you won’t get any flannel with Alan. If you have a goal or a target event I have no doubt that Alan would be able to help you get there, presuming of course you actually do what he tells you to do!

 by Gail Paterson
Kirkcudbright, Scotland

Season review 2022….

One goal in mind for 2022, and that was to complete, my first Full distance - The Lakesman. With a couple of years training under my belt working with Alan, my endurance base was building nicely and having previously completed 2 Middle distances, a Full was certainly the next challenge on the cards.

Training schedule, as ever, needs to fit around a full time career in conjunction with a rather demanding full time ‘hobby’ of breeding/showing sheep (doubles as S & C training-trust me!) - fantastic for transferable skills and learning to accept that your Plan A isn't always going to work!
Keen to improve on bike strength this year, we also ended up including a few TT’s of varying distances throughout the Season with the first one being a 25mile Open back in May at Loch Ken, nice change of focus too whilst keeping the training motivation fresh as well as providing a nice confidence booster for the start of race season ahead.

June was ‘A’ race month, and The Lakesman Swim was most definitely for me an ‘if Carlsberg did swims’ moment, PB achieved and 1st out the water in my AG. Many a frustrated hour has been spent in the pool working on swim technique, as well as a bit of video analysis along the way, so when it does finally come together yea…its good. One hundred and twelve miles on the bike, my longest ride to date, proved surprisingly enjoyable, basically down to the fact that the really hard work had been done in training – both physically and equally importantly mentally. Fantastic to be able to just dial in and focus on the task knowing that the endurance base was all there. So, swim and bike nailed, and run completed- just perhaps not quite at my Plan A run pace but completed all the same and enough to scrape a 4th in AG. Certainly, some moments questioning my life choices during the 4th lap of the run but hey no one ever said Iron distance was easy!

The Wee Beltie Standard Triathlon, in September, provided the perfect opportunity to race a shorter distance again. With much perspective and confidence having been gained from tackling a Full, I raced this for fun, confident that there was plenty in the tank, pushed on and managed to pick up a 2nd in my AG knocking 8 minutes off my PB into the bargain.

Finally, a nice 15TT in Stirling to round off a crackin’ year, not only having accomplished my ‘A’ race goal and becoming a Lakesman but hitting so many other targets along the way.

Feeling the progression both in training and racing from where I was 2 years ago to where I am now as an athlete, was a key realisation moment and an absolute awesome way to end the Season on...just leaving me now to suss out some new challenges for 2023!

Gail Paterson

Kirkcudbright, Scotland

 by Lindsay McCrae

Been working with Richard my coach for 8 months now. Communication is great, workouts are tailored well to my abilities and goals. Each workout is described so i know what its aim is and what we are looking to get out of it. This helps to maximize my focus on each and every workout. He always answers mails calls with a wealth of great info on training, racing and equipment. Great service all round.

 by Helen

I started working with Alan one week after my place at Celtman was confirmed. He provided me with a really balanced programme & kept me in check on the couple of occasions when I felt things were going pear-shaped. For family reasons I spent a lot of time back in Ireland without access to a bike and Alan changed my programme to accommodate this. I am hugely grateful for his understanding, support & banter throughout. He gave me the confidence to aim for blue & it all came together nicely on the day.

 by Natasha

I have had Alan as a triatlon coach since 2018, and been so happy with having him along the journey. We have trained for races suchs as: Celtman,Swissman,Norseman, HimelyaXtri and a few different ultra races. Alan makes workouts that pushes you to become a better athlete, and also addes fun adventours into the training.

I have a pretty hectic life with lots of traveling, which is no problem since Alan is good with giving the right amount of training that fits the athlete lifestyle. Positive is that he is only a message/call away if somethings needs to be changed. If you have Alan as a coach you will get a coach who is dedicates and takes the time to get to know you. Can highly recommend Alan.

 by David Jones
Belfast N.Ireland

After a few years of aimlessly faffing about, prompted by the lure of Celtman, Swissman & Norseman, I took the plunge to find a coach. At the end of 2020, fortunately for me, Alan began training me. Not looked back since. Gold service standard, huge amount of event specific knowledge, and despite not being local, with level of commitment and detail, it is like with me on various rides and runs. Anyone who has or is being trained by Alan, will know what I mean. Having just got my well kicked ass back from IMSG, Swissman and Norseman loom large. But in safe and dedicated hands with no sugar coating or BS nonsense. Good luck with this new adventure. Every confidence will be massive success and people like me fortunate enough to be involved, will only benefit.

 by Victorine Schoute

With having a background in running half marathons and marathons, I always wanted to do an ironman but I had no clue where to start as I had never done a triathlon before. I did not know how to swim front crawl or how to ride a road bike never mind a TT bike.
Just over a year ago a friend mentioned Alan and his experience in triathlon. We got in contact and since then he became my coach.

The growth I developed in a relatively short period of time is truly amazing. I have learned how to swim front crawl, ride a road bike/ TT bike and how to balance my running. I did my first 70.3 Ironman in Lanzarote and not long after a full Ironman in Mallorca. I couldn't have done this without Alan.

I absolutely love working with Alan, his continuous feedback and support and personalised/structured training plan got me to achieve my goal. Simply trusting him that he knows what he is doing, getting the work in and following his plan has led me to reach beyond what I thought I was capable of.

My triathlon journey has just started and I can't wait to achieve new goals with Alan as my coach.
Highly recommended!!

 by Dave Caldwell
Edinburgh, Scotland

Alan got my training for Hispaman Extreme Triathlon 2021 back on track just 3 months out, and I know it was his plans and guidance that got me to that mountain top. My road to Celtman 2022 hasn't been easy, but his great plans, smart motivational feedback, and continual adaptation to my situation has been exceptional. Plus, the banter is excellent.

 by Chris McAdie

Since taking up Triathlon last year I have been working more and more closely with Sean and now on a dedicated plan to my specific middle distance race.

Sean’s wealth of knowledge is invaluable with regular feedback on my sessions. The benefits of a dedicated plan are already showing and I will be looking to Sean again when I push for full IM distance next year.
Highly recommended!

 by John Fairgrieve
Glasgow, Scotland

I've been working with Alan since January 22 and at age 65 with a health condition I am totally gobsmacked at the progress I've made in just 4 months thanks to the tailored program I'm working to.

My initial reason for contacting Alan was just to improve my swim - I had already decided I was doing triathlon as a sport and thought all I had to do was get my breaststroke better. It took me less than 15 minutes to realise there was more to this and that I needed help and I signed up.

I've never regretted it: in that time I've learned Front Crawl and done a single session of over 1900m; taken part in my first race; learned how to run faster and discovered there is more to the bike segment than just cycling!

I am hooked on this sport and Alan's very personalised training program and his coaching have been part of that. It is just perfect; preventing injury (which is so much easier when you're older); challenging but not beyond my abilities; interesting and varied; and if you don't get it right first time, by magic it reappears and you get a second shot at it.

Everyone says life begins at 40. For me, life began (again!) with triathlon and I have my vision firmly set on a 70.3 by the time I am 70 and who knows where my journey will take me after that....

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